Each summer, I co-lead workshops at Knoll Farm on leadership, story, civic dialogue and facilitation.

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Upcoming Workshops

Facilitating in Times of Change: Basic and Beyond

Facilitated by: Deb Bicknell and Peter Forbes

August 16-18, 2017

Knoll Farm Fayston, Vermont

Many would agree that it’s getting harder and harder to talk with one another and that we are living through times of change. Regardless of  one’s politics, these times require challenging assumptions, creating space for new awareness, and bridging polarities. If you are in a leadership position, currently leading groups of people or someone who would like to be, this workshop will be a space to explore, learn, connect and grow how to make space for difficult conversations that can transform situations.

Participants will learn basic facilitation skills and have opportunities to enhance others. We will explore how our identities play a part in our facilitation and how they affect group dynamics, we will look at how to create safer and braver spaces for people to talk,  listen and create  and we will explore different practical tools for addressing some of the challenges of facilitation.  The workshop will be tailored to participants goals and needs and Knoll Farm will be utilized both as a beautiful setting to learn in and as well as a tool for understanding how systems work and environment impacts learning. Inquiry on all levels and all people welcome.

Full workshop cost:

Lodging and meals: at Knoll Farm $250.00
Tuition: sliding scale from $300-$650

Register HERE through Knoll Farm Web site. 

The Long Now

Facilitated by Peter Forbes

September 11-14, 2017

Knoll Farm Fayston, Vermont

What is your long work, the purpose of your life that spans time, organizations and careers? How does this moment in our nation’s history ask you to engage?   How does your long work present itself in your life now? What does it ask of you and provide to you?  How do you hope to develop it into the future?  

The purpose of the Long Now is to create space to consider what must be faced in order to reveal and sustain the path of one’s life.  The Long Now retreat is a peer learning experience. It offers a rare opportunity to sustain a conversation that matters among peers regarding the work that you care most about, and exploring where your skills and life experience overlap with what the world needs.

Peter’s role as facilitator and guide is to sustain the inquiry among a group of peers who can help to transform each other’s awareness and to provide individual coaching and support..

Full workshop cost:

Lodging and meals: at Knoll Farm $375
Tuition: sliding scale from $350-$600

Register HERE through Knoll Farm Web site.