Geography of Hope, California 2018

I was asked by Black Mountain Circle to help them transform their popular annual Geography of Hope Conference toward a more inclusive and interactive gathering that brought together generations, ethnicities, world views to consider resilience in nature. We modelled the goals of the gathering by first coming together ourselves for a day to better understand our different paths in life in order to create a dialogue together in front of hundreds that was generative, honest and as forthcoming as we could be. This space together enabled us to model a flexibility and to be our better selves that made the actual conference entirely new and different.

“Peter is a powerful, gentle, insightful, generous teacher.”

“Better than excellent. Peter was exceptional –he modeled exactly what he was talking about around privilege and inclusivity. I was really impressed. The way he made space for the other speakers, clearly listened attentively to the presenters and attendees and deftly offered questions and steered the discussions in meaningful ways. His final summary 'poem' was masterful.” 

Facilitation Type:

Co-Creating Conferences