Spoons for All!
A project of Knoll Farm and Peter Forbes

For more than a decade, and with more than 1,500 people, I’ve used spoon carving as a method for bringing diverse groups together and for accessing those individuals' creativity.  Spoon carving thus becomes an important act of community building.  Spoon carving is a specific tool of community organizing because it helps very different people to work together and to create together, to laugh together and to imagine together.  A group can take on almost any project after it has learned to make spoons together.  

The symbolism of carving your own wooden spoon is similar to the symbolism of Gandhi asking his people to weave their own cloth. Taking a specific action to do something reminds and encourages us of the greater things we can do.

My family and I have taught spoon carving all over the Americas from Alaska to Guatemala and we offer twice a year a free community-oriented spoon carving workshop to any community in the Americas that wants us. We accept those invitations that bring together the most diverse elements of a community, or are in most service to a community need.

In 2016-2017, we can schedule a Spoons for All! workshop anytime muttually convenient time between  November 15, 2016 and  May 30, 2017.   We'll do our best to have our schedule fit your needs. Ideal group size is between 15-30 people.

Elements of the workshop:

●    Two full days to guarantee every one leaves with a finished spoon
●    Non-residential but must include a shared meal at the end of both days to facilitate community-building
●    Can be held anywhere: on a city street,  in a jungle, in a church basement, in a school bus, on the top floor of a skyscraper.

We provide the tools and the instruction, you provide the wood, the meeeting space, a potluck meal with the community, and a homestay for us within the community.  If needed, we will also provide the wood.

If you have a need and the occasion to build community and are looking for an inclusive, creative and innovative way to do that, please write to Wren Forbes (Knoll Farm, 700 Bragg Hill Road, Fayston, Vermont  05673) by November 1, 2016 with your concept and when you want to do your workshop.  We make our decisions on or about  November 15, 2016.  If your idea is selected, we show up and there are no costs for our participation.

Feel free to contact me directly at Peter@peterforbes.org to have your questions answered.

Spoons For All! is paid for through the proceeds of a special collectors edition of our book A Man Apart, which honors Bill Coperthwaite who taught us how and why to carve spoons.

We hope to hear from you and look forward to making something beautiful and useful with you and your community.