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It was my experiences as a photographer in South Asia that prepared me to work in and then push against conservation. Finding trust and relationships with very different people -over and over -through the close proximity of a 28mm lens birthed in me empathy and a social consciousness.  

Photography has been my more intuitive path to story, guiding a man at different ages to meet the world. I search for clarity and justice in my writing and organizing, but I look only for relationships through photography. I’ve spent my life organizing and manifesting change efforts. There have been months when I wrote little, and periods when I have put my cameras down, but photography has always been what made my voice as an organizer stronger and clearer.  

These black and white portraits bear witness to the people who have spent time at Knoll Farm and to celebrate their vision and presence here on the land. They reveal the power of relationship: to oneself, to others, to a place, and to give back what these individuals have brought here of themselves. What you see in these faces and in these moments are the reflections of those relationships.

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